Track Your Success

Knowing your audience, and increasing engagement means nothing if you don’t define how you’re going to measure success and track your progress.

The trend towards big data has made it easier and easier for organizations to track the effectiveness of their communications across channels. Unfortunately, that tracking can require a level of technical expertise that many small or mid-sized organizations lack. That’s where we come in. We help you figure out which metrics matter, and make sure you’re tracking them across the entire organization.


  • Cross-Channel Tracking – Did that website signup come from Facebook or Twitter? Or your last mass email? We can track where contacts come from and which channels are generating the best response.
  • CRM Solutions – Your latest email or ad isn’t the only reason for a customer or member to contact you. Yet those contacts can provide important information for future communications. We can help you set up a constituent relationship manager (CRM) to track every contact – whether it be an email, phone call or tweet.