Know Your Audience

Knowing your audience. It’s the foundation of communications. But how much do you really know about your audience?

Informed Communications helps you gather data on your members and customers, and analyze the data to help you communicate more efficiently and effectively. We start with looking at the data you already have and how you track it. Then we help fill in the gaps with new sources of data – both qualitative and quantitative – until you have a complete picture of your audience.


  • Data Cleanup and Consolidation – Is your data all over the place? Get it organized and see what you already know.
  • Survey Design – Want to know what your audience thinks? Ask them. We can design a cost-effective survey or poll to gauge your audience’s interests and opinions.
  • Qualitative Analysis –  Go beyond the numbers. Interviews and focus groups will deepen your understanding of your audience, and how best to engage them.