Engagement With a Purpose

Engaging your audience isn’t an end in and of itself. If it was, you could just make a cat video and call it a day.

Your organization has goals, and your communications need to move people to help you meet those goals. Informed Communications develops custom, dynamic communications strategies to deepen your audiences’ commitment to your organization and mission.


  • Online Engagement Tools – Your members or customers can be your most effective promoters. If you’re not using an online toolset to get them spreading the word about your work, you’re missing out on an essential resource. We’ve used almost every tool out there – Salsa, Convio, BlueStateDigital – and we can make any of them work for you.
  • Audience segmentation – Members of your audience are more likely to act when they feel like they have a one-on-one relationship with you. We work with you to tailor your communications to increase engagement.
  • Web Design & Development – Your website is still the most trusted source of information about your organization. Is it building your audience? We can re-design your site to convert viewers into contacts.
  • Video production – Video still rules the Internet. We can help you figure out how to incorporate video into your communications program in a cost-effective way that leads to action.