Matt RichardsInformed Communications was founded by Matt Richards, a 13 year veteran of the Labor Movement and social justice organizing. Matt was the Communications Director for SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania, and before that he was a new media specialist, researcher and organizer for both SEIU and the United Electrical Workers (UE). View his complete resume.

Matt started Informed Communications because in the new era of Big Data, non-profit organizations have both the opportunity and the need to refine their communications programs. Unfortunately, many organizations can’t afford to hire a full-time communications specialist to bring the benefits of data and technology to bear on their communications.

Informed Communications brings that technical expertise – and the years of organizing and communications experience it’s founded on – to small and mid-sized organizations at affordable rates. We also seek to be a comprehensive resource. We can help you figure out what your organization needs, and if we can’t provide it, we will help you find someone who can. One way or the other, we will take your communications and audience engagement to the next level.